As you can see my poems are generally light-hearted. If you do not think this is suitable for you please feel free to contact me and discuss what sort of style you would like.


Mum's Wedding

Congratulations, mum, on your wedding day
I hope it is special in every way.
That you've found someone to love makes me so glad,
And I'm happy to have Adrian as my step dad.
You've given me Jensen, my little brother,
You're the world's best mum, like no other.
So proud to be a bridesmaid for you,
When you stand up and say "I do".


Aunty Dot
Like a second mum who used to live next door,
I used to love calling round and doing the odd chore.
You're the one I'd pick from all other aunts,
Who encouraged me with a shared love of dance.
The fun I'd have as you taught me to clean, iron and bake, 
Recalled as fondly as the Pontins holidays we used to take.
Dancing and bingo in the social club at the weekend, 
A drive to the seaside - time together we'd all spend.
Whether shopping or dining, whatever we did so choose, 
It was a pleasure to be with you and your silver shoes.
These treasured memories mean such a lot,
You'll be sorely missed - Rest in peace Aunty Dot
For Sarah
I’ll keep this brief as we don’t want to wait,
Instead carry on and celebrate.
But I would like to thank you all,
Who answered my birthday call.
For helping organising things here,
Special thanks to Charlotte and Andrea.
Carol and Helen have come a long way,
Who, with everyone, make this a special day.
School mates, fellow mums – all great friends of mine,
You mean a lot to me but it’s time for wine.
To party is the reason we all did unite,
Life begins at 40, so let’s start with tonight.
For Shirley
A thank you for helping me to celebrate,
To not just a great sister but also a soul mate.
No surprise that we are birds of a feather,
After our time growing up together.
And even after losing our father and mother,
We managed to stay strong as we still had each other.
To enjoy ourselves is the most important rule,
Like we do on our weekend breaks in Blackpool.
Although the enjoyment may be increased,
With the presence of Ray Winstone, the Sexy Beast.
So let’s open the Lambrini – I’m sure it’s not too early,
To say thank you for everything my dear sister Shirley.
For Faye
A little poem as I would like to say,
Thanks very much to my daughter Faye.
Always there for others through any adversity,
You made me so proud when you went to University.
And seeing as I can testify how much you care,
That you became a social worker seems only fair.
I’d hoped that might mean that you could now afford,
To contribute something towards your food and board.
(Sorry, couldn’t resist mentioning our running joke,
But sure you won’t mind after a Malibu & Coke).
So thanks once again for helping with my birthday treat,
Awonderful daughter who makes my life complete.

For Tracy

Congratulations on your MBE,

 For services to the UK economy.

 Starting up a business became your goal,

 And so you established Grace Cole.

 Selling products for body and bath,

 You took it down a successful path.

 There have been harder times with the odd dark cloud,

 But know your Mum and John have always been so proud.

 So well done again on the title we all admire,

 Tracy Mort, Member of the British Empire.




For Andrea:
In memory of a wonderful wife, mum and Grandma,
Who lived life to the full - demonstrated by red sports car.
Always looking for experiences to enhance,
Including taking a reluctant Clive out to dance.
As well as so many lovely holidays from which to choose,
Whether India, Stoupa, Spain or even a cruise.
And Thomas, Ben and Lauren all thought highly
Of their trips with Grandparents out to Filey.
Despite often changing your bungalow's decoration,
Your outlook on life proved a constant inspiration.
 Of Linsi, Susan and all your family, you were so proud,
 But you didn't want anybody too upset - just enough allowed.
 Showing such strength to the end, you did never complain,
 Preparing for the end, you're now at peace and free of pain.
 Taken too soon, Andrea, in fate's cruel twist,
 You'll never be forgotten and you're so badly missed.



For Tom


A little poem to express how I feel,

You spin me round, like a red & black roulette wheel.

Even if your house is a work in progress,

In the kitchen you do really impress.

By your side is where I belong,

And you always fill my heart with song.

With your guitar and a drink, you're a keen Celtic supporter,

But I see your alter ego when we share the bath water.

I admire you as much as yourself, with your vanity,

But with Rory, Kimi & Becca, we make a great family.

 I'll love you until the end of the World - that's no science fiction,

 However long that may be with the Mayan prediction.

With all my soul, your Wee Bella Donna, sends this from,

To show how much I love you, my darling Tom.




Anna's Retirement

Anna has helped send more messages than the telegraph wire,

And now the time has finally come for her to retire.

Long ago she started with the Civil Service,

Working around the region before starting at the Post Office.

With a spell in between employed by Royal Mail,

Before reaching this point of her closing down sale.

Anna must be delighted to see so many she can call a friend,

Which is so fitting for a woman on who so many can depend.

Work hard, play hard has always been Anna's motto,

So it's nice to see so many here with whom she's got blotto.

She puts it all into her job, including the kitchen sink,

Explaining why, after work, they would go for a drink.

More so when you consider the public she dealt with,

Recounting tales so bizarre that have since become myth.

Looking out from the counter to see that huge queue,

Would make anyone feel sicker than a dose of swine flu.

She's seen many a manager, like her houses, come and go,

But throughout that time she's remained a true pro.

Always surpassing people's expectations,

From using computers to other new innovations.

Recent years also brought more products to sell,

Furthering her experience with more tales to tell.

The few occasions to vent her moans and groans,

Alongside the good times like meeting Tom Jones.

It's fair to say that it hasn't all been plain sailing,

Bringing up two children when her health was failing.

But to come through that is an example to us all,

Anna is still out-jiving everyone at the dance hall.

She's eventually found the button for that ejector seat,

To finally propel her away from Crown Street.

What plans now for someone who can count and balance?

The Government could do with a new Minister of Finance.

So after the highs of tonight and being the centre of attention,

Anna will see some of you soon when she collects her pension.



Carol @ 60


Let's roll out the barrel,

As we sing Happy Birthday Carol.

Now you've reached the big 6-0,

(Although you retired a while ago).

From Birkenhead, via Ghana, is a long way of course,

So presumably you didn't come all the way by horse.

There's now more time to buy gadgets from the department store,

That will soon be found lurking at the back of the drawer.

Partly down to her particular quirk,

Of not bothering to find out how they work.

This may mean more trips to the cash dispenser,

With any excess spent at Marks & Spencer.

Carol's a style icon like Mary Quant and her mini-skirt,

Although more renowned for that "Tropical" T-shirt.

A well-loved and respected woman you'd better believe,

Friends and family can see more of her now on her gardening leave.

More time for hobbies like sewing and baking cakes,

As opposed to hill climbing and getting the quakes.

Thus I'd better bring an end to this rhyme,

As it's getting way past Carol's bedtime.

So congratulations again and I'll call it a wrap,

Unless anyone would like a quick recap.



May & Bert’s Golden Wedding Anniversary



Congratulations to Bert and May, 

On this their Golden Wedding Day. 

While Bert was working as a plumber’s mate, 

May brought up the five children with patience her trait. 

Bert’s second love belongs to his pigeons,

 With a passion not seen outside most religions. 

Rather than housing them in a doo’cot outdoors,

 May let him keep them in a chest of drawers.

 For holidays they like to sally forth

Upto the Highlands or Dornoch in the North.

Sometimes it’s a wonder they ever got that far,

When they had to get out and push the car.

Then there are the days out to the beach with their travel kit:

Crisps, sweets, ginger and carrier bags for the grit.

They enjoy the odd flutter and a night at the dog racing,

This loving and friendly couple who are simply amazing.

Will this day see more doo men coming for tea?

As all wish May and Bert Happy Anniversary.